Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lee Chi Hoon. Part 2


  1. Lee Chi Hoon ♥

  2. He is actually one of my favorite Ulzzangs of all time ♥

  3. duh !! he's just an ordinary !! i just hate it ..

  4. You captured my heart oppa Lee chi hoon :*
    saranghae <3 ALways and forever untiL eternity :)) mwauh :*
    I Love the way you are ^_^ :))
    You don't know how attractive you are Lee chi hoon :) the way you smiLe , the way you TaLk you don't know how you make our heartbeats fast ^_^
    LoveLots :****

  5. Alexandra Valero :]February 5, 2014 at 5:37 PM

    Wooah!!! I really like, no scratch that, LOVE Lee Chi Hoon!!! :* You're my favorite Ulzzang :) In fact, I really had many photos of you in my phone. I actually had it to be my Wallpaper!!! I will always love Lee Chi Hoon :*

    Lee Chi Hoon is CAPITAL L-O-V-E <3